Best “Windows 10 ” Tips & Tricks to Make Your Busy Life Easier and Faster

Are you a busy person like me and you want to work Faster and Efficiently on your Computer then you are in the right place. Today I am going to tell you some important Tricks on Windows 10 that will help you Work Faster and more accurately, although if you are normal Windows user it will also help you Increase your Knowledge of Computer.

So let Start

1. Windows Clipboard(Works only on Windows 10 latest Build(version 1809)

This is a new feature in Windows 10 which is Introduced in Build 1809. This feature is quite handy if you do lots of Copy Paste work, it will store all your Copy and Pastes in the background so you don’t have to recopy anything. To access it you have to press “Windows Key + V”.

2. Windows Snippets(Windows 10 build 1809)

Forget Windows Snipping Tool introducing Windows Snippet which is more efficient. This is a great tool for Productive work. Access this tool by pressing  ”  Windows Key + Shift + S” you can change that key and Switch it with Print Screen Button in Settings.

3. Ctrl + W

This Shortcut key is widely used for Closing Tab’s in Web Browser but you can also use it in file explorer it quit hand and quick. 

4. Ctrl + Shift + T

Sometimes we accidentally close a whole Session of Chrome tabs and lose lots of Important tabs which are we viewing, I know we can access them by “History” but how about that restoring them all at once and in single Click, so here comes Ctrl+shift+T which will restore all your tabs at once.

5. Windows + L

This shortcut key is very useful if you are working privately or working on something important and don’t want to share it with other and but suddenly someone calls you and you don’t have much time to lock your windows through start menu so you will press this tiny Shortcut key to instantly lock your PC.

At last some of useful but not much-needed Shortcut key’s

1. Windows + E => Opening File Manager

2. Windows + 1,2,3 etc => if your mouse is not working or you don’t have you can use these key for opening taskbar Applications

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