Samsung A10s (A Mobile Of Style)

Samsung is one of the best company in the world of Mobile Phones. In recent days, it has been launched a new model of A series named as A10s.

Mobile With Style


6.2 inches of TD and TFT screen. It is about 7.8 mm thick with glossy plastic it has an elegant design and you will have a new experience with its infinity-V-display and you can choose from four colors black, green, blue or red.


This phone has a dual camera with 2 MP depth camera and 13 MP Main Camera. The depth camera helps you to adjust the depth of field it ignores the unwanted background and unnecessary noise from the image and the front camera is 8 MP.


4,000 mAh


  • Face Recognition:

This phone will also have face recognition you can open your phone by just holding it in front of your face. This gives you surety that no one except you can open your phone.

  • Fingerprint Sensor:

Like many other smartphones, this phone also has a fingerprint sensor if you don’t want to use face recognition you can use this security measure to assure your privacy.


A10s CPU type is Octa-Core with speed of 2GHz, 1.5GHz.


Samsung A10s comes with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB ROM with 22.4 GB usable memory so you don’t have to worry about spaces like other phones.


This phone is compatible with Nano-sims with dual sim slots many android phones cannot provide this kind of specs altogether.


164 dollars.

Read also about Samsung S10 in given below link:

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