Artificial Intelligence And China’s Growth

China uses Artificial Intelligence to tackle traffic jams.

The population of China is one-third of the world. So, there is a lot of vehicles in China. Therefore, China’s traffic jams need a lot of time to come into normal life. The journey’s duration becomes double due to traffic jams in China.

Artificial Intelligence is using in many countries to tackle severe traffic jams. China is one of those countries. The use of AI resolves many problems. It cuts out the half time of the emergency vehicles. Due to this, a patient reaches the hospital quickly. There are many benefits of artificial intelligence.

Hangzhou is one of the most of China’s congested cities. There are a lot of traffic problems in this city. China uses Artificial brains to control traffic rules in this city.

But nowadays, this city is ranked 57th in the world. Because the Hangzhou government uses artificial intelligence brain for traffic. They control traffic by city cameras and use light signals to avoid traffic jams.

They use auto nav (a web-mapping technique) and use navigation services to control lights of a smooth flow of traffic. This project is led by the Hangzhou government.

City brain is also used in the capital of Malaysia named as Kuala Lumpur.

There is also a possibility of data going globally. Therefore, there is not privacy. And anyone can hack your system and brain.

Artificial intelligence makes our life easy and gives better ways to live in a city or in a particular country. Give us feedback about this article. Is it increase your knowledge or not? 


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